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Recent BMW 5-Series conversation: (as of September 16, 2014, 12:22 am)

nuke_nasty >I was at the BMW dealership with my friend and they want 88k for a new 5 series naw no deals lol
allthatgleams >@allthatgleams: BMW 5 Series after @autoglym valet with interior clean and leather treatment #gloss #valeting http://t.co/GNSraq9CQP
allthatgleams >BMW 5 Series after @autoglym valet with interior clean and leather treatment #gloss #valeting #allthatgleams #carvaletsurrey
Gearheadssa >The new BMW 5 Series http://t.co/o250NOOIzh
FrancoisMF >“@eveebyrd: Either a Land Rover, 5 series BMW, or Audi A5... Or an Infiniti FX35..? Decisions, decisions...” donate the extra one to yah boy
eveebyrd >Either a Land Rover, 5 series BMW, or Audi A5... Or an Infiniti FX35..? Decisions, decisions...
itsBROagain >Jimmy Johns delivery in a new 5 series BMW.... #TotalJoCoMove
Jc_Royale >my Audi A6 is sexier than BMW 5 Series, especially the headlights.Greatest decision ive ever made
Carvelocity >Used BMW 5 Series 525i 2001 ($8995) for sale in CA, Pasadena, 91107 - http://t.co/kiVHcOU3mB
Carvelocity >Used BMW 5 Series 530i w sport package 2003 ($10995) for sale in CA, Pasadena, 91107 - http://t.co/35kCInwo3Q
peterdempsey >I really got to thank @JoeDuffyBMW for supplying me with a beautiful BMW 5 Series while I was home! http://t.co/fTL4I7yF7I
Ta5tav >15 — 15: Random Fact: BMW has an option on the new 5 series that will make the back wheels of the car turn a bit... http://t.co/rxkYXpfyEa
onearmedjohn >@twitfail88 ex Met traffic car? http://t.co/xKglDSPwXY
CARmag01 >- BMW (FB): The new BMW 5 Series Sedan is an outstanding and stylish vehicle. But one little thing is missing ... http://t.co/P2tf9iKyXV
Adnnannee >The #new #BMW #5 #Series #Sedan http://t.co/NZw6bcZLgA

1981 BMW 5-Series VIN Numbers:

Body/Chasis Type:4-door Compact Passenger Car, 4-door Mid-Size Passenger Car, Small Station Wagon, Mid-Size Station Wagon
Available Trims:524td, 525i, 525iA, 525iAT, 525iT, 525iTA, 525xi, 528e, 528i, 528iA, 528iAT, 528iT, 528xi, 530i, 530iA, 530iT, 530xi, 530xiT, 533i, 535i, 535iS, 535xi, 535xiT, 540i, 540iA, 540iAT, 540iTA, 545i, 545iA, 550i, Base, M5
Production Years:1981 5-Series, 1982 5-Series, 1983 5-Series, 1984 5-Series, 1985 5-Series, 1986 5-Series, 1987 5-Series, 1988 5-Series, 1989 5-Series, 1990 5-Series, 1991 5-Series, 1992 5-Series, 1993 5-Series, 1994 5-Series, 1995 5-Series, 1997 5-Series, 1998 5-Series, 1999 5-Series, 2000 5-Series, 2001 5-Series, 2002 5-Series, 2003 5-Series, 2004 5-Series, 2005 5-Series, 2006 5-Series, 2007 5-Series, 2008 5-Series,


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