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Recent Toyota Avalon conversation: (as of August 27, 2014, 11:54 am)

Zenzele_2009 >#3568A 2002 Toyota Avalon - Black - 191K miles on eBay Classifieds Stockbridge http://t.co/chMCW9NhuJ #eBayClassifieds
YkBUrban >If you saw a license plate "REVDDUP" what kind of car would you think it would be on? Well you'd be wrong. Correct answer: Toyota Avalon.
Toyota_BH >RT @Toyota_UAE: The 1991 Toyota Avalon concept, we still think this vehicle looks very futuristic. What are your thoughts? http://t.co/BpMa…
Dynzie >RT @MacHughes10: This is now the best thing I've seen in Philly! It's no 2000 Toyota Avalon though... http://t.co/cha2yIVY97
GeneiaB >I would like to own a brand new Toyota Avalon all black fully loaded n paid for lol!#DayDreaminggggggggg
Clock_Store >Toyota Avalon clocks record UAE sales: Toyota's re-imagined Avalon has registered a 65.6 per cent growth in sa... http://t.co/DRgEHkuQgV
a_askar >All-new Toyota Avalon wins fast following in UAE: United Arab Emirates: Toyota's re-imagined Ava... http://t.co/tw5oRpd3Xj #WhatsUp #UAE
CyberTech1Media >RT @VisitInterstate: Own this 2013 #Toyota Avalon Sedan just for $30,990 - http://t.co/6BOFVv0qd3
ToyotaCarDeals >2000 1047 Toyota Avalon XLS (Delray Beach, Florida) $5000 http://t.co/AGVyt9b2Te #cardeals
iKhalidGh >@OnkGunner no you can buy a charger R/T instead of buying a toyota avalon.. The charger is more powerful and sexy than the toyota
BostonFMotor >Car culture - This Sunday, June 16: DUB Show Dallas! - This Sunday, June, 16 Toyota Avalon presents the Monster En... http://t.co/WnvFUO80yL
ZRebel14 >Le voy a poner side skirts a custom body kit and a wind to my toyota avalon xD pfff
BarrettSaysDuck >@idriselba Just saw your Toyota Avalon commercial. That was some intense shit goddamn.
DetNigga >Over 300k and still pull like its fresh off the lot tho. #Toyota #Avalon http://t.co/kTaaPXteQQ
CARmag01 >- CarPro1993 - Crash Test Videos - new video! 2013 Toyota Avalon & Hybrid NHTSA Side Impact (Five Stars) Drive... http://t.co/Ycmsf0A8n4

1999 Toyota Avalon VIN Numbers:

Body/Chasis Type:4-door Large Passenger Car
Available Trims:XL w/Bench Seat, Limited, Touring, XL, XL w/Bench Seat, XL w/Bucket Seats, XLS, XLS w/Bench Seat, XLS w/Bucket Seats
Production Years:1995 Avalon, 1996 Avalon, 1997 Avalon, 1998 Avalon, 1999 Avalon, 2000 Avalon, 2001 Avalon, 2002 Avalon, 2003 Avalon, 2004 Avalon, 2005 Avalon, 2006 Avalon, 2007 Avalon, 2008 Avalon,


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