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Recent GMC Safari Passenger conversation: (as of September 16, 2014, 10:26 am)

dickerone >GMC Hitch Plug Receiver Cover Die Cast Alluminum http://t.co/UeneNLZl
StreetBully_GMC >Loyalties limited
StreetBully_GMC >Change Money dnt make da money change u Tssss #RNS
neonews >GMC: Day 7 Ninja Challenge Now Working! http://t.co/eHVi5YOH
claremccardle >#thatdepressingmomentwhen my gpa won't let me drive his new baby #bigtruck #new #gmc http://t.co/CuQz8Koy
hbvaughn >Bootlegging The Three Stooges from behind a GMC Yukon.
gmc_lelland >#truth http://t.co/hnuzOkZG
TweetCMF >GMC TV Presents Documentary Music Special "A Very Special Christmas #causemarketing http://t.co/zdoLxXCU
keykey66 >@xDance_FOREVER me either till a couple of mths ago ! it come on the GMC channel
gmc_llc >Create accessibility and elegance in one fell swoop with a swinging door modernized for today's homes http://t.co/n3JwZcoV via @Houzz_inc
gmc_lelland >RT @vskap29: Shower, why have I distanced you from me for so long.
OMG_itsChelsKat >@GMC_ldyundrtkr yes but I have a blanket :)
BeelPoynter_GMC >"McFly saved my life".
GMC_ldyundrtkr >@OMG_itsChelsKat Are you cold?
Nene_GMC >Ass n trouble nw lol

2001 GMC Safari Passenger VIN Numbers:

Model: Safari Passenger
Body/Chasis Type:Mini-Van (Passenger), 2WD Minivans, 4WD Minivans
Available Trims:Base, GT, XT, XT GT
Production Years:1992 Safari Passenger, 1993 Safari Passenger, 1994 Safari Passenger, 1995 Safari Passenger, 1996 Safari Passenger, 1997 Safari Passenger, 1998 Safari Passenger, 1999 Safari Passenger, 2000 Safari Passenger, 2001 Safari Passenger, 2002 Safari Passenger, 2003 Safari Passenger, 2004 Safari Passenger, 2005 Safari Passenger,


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