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Recent Ford Explorer conversation: (as of September 16, 2014, 2:22 am)

odowd_tim >@Blomvin you best be doing it, and we can add the Explorer too! Have our little "ford motor company club"
BarDownBlackOut >@michiganbeaut I nicknamed my Ford Explorer the Ford ExplorHer.... Wanna take a ride ?
VendominaveCH >FORD Explorer 2002 $85,000 M.N Blanca @fenixknight06 http://t.co/cy6M86poSi #fb
VendominaveCS >FORD Explorer 2002 $85,000 M.N Blanca
kelseyhansonn >Looks like I'm driving my moms ford explorer to school tomorrow #helpme #cantdriveit
ryHanson >Selling my 2003 Ford Explorer XLT Sport. 114k Miles. 4-Wheel Drive. $3700 | http://t.co/5u7cKGcwUQ http://t.co/EUlsik5p5E
Jan_Gotti >i seen a drop top 2 door Ford Explorer llamf #Goofy
IBeez_Brittany >I swear that this black ford explorer always follows me . I see it everywhere
VendominaveMTY >FORD Explorer 1997 $47,000 M.N VINO http://t.co/HwnRqONXvy
big_sean12 >@italian2513 were on the road now. ford explorer
milhamfts >Ford Explorer Sport Charges Through Olympic State Park http://t.co/11LtmpUMsR
PartnersAutoSal >Used 2004 Ford Explorer XLT Sport 4.0L 4WD in Frankford, DE 19945 for sale at Partners Auto Sales South: Used... http://t.co/pZqvvJUqk9
chadkirchner >RT @FastMINIRob: Big thank you to @ford and @fordbecky for allowing us to take the Raptor and Explorer Sport on Hot Rod Power Tour #motorama
neff777 >Went from a LR3 to a brand new Ford F-150 to a Ford Explorer #blessed @LandRoverUSA @Ford
completestruts >Check out this great item: Ford Explorer Rear Struts & Coil Springs Pair Complete Assembly Quick Install http://t.co/yyFoPI6Qjk

2003 Ford Explorer VIN Numbers:

Body/Chasis Type:2WD Special Purpose Vehicles, 4WD Special Purpose Vehicles, 2WD Sport Utility Vehicles, 4WD Sport Utility Vehicles
Available Trims:Eddie Bauer, Eddie Bauer, Expedition, Limited, NBX, Sport, XL, XLS, XLS Sport, XLT, XLT Sport
Production Years:1991 Explorer, 1992 Explorer, 1993 Explorer, 1994 Explorer, 1995 Explorer, 1996 Explorer, 1997 Explorer, 1998 Explorer, 1999 Explorer, 2000 Explorer, 2001 Explorer, 2002 Explorer, 2003 Explorer, 2004 Explorer, 2005 Explorer, 2006 Explorer, 2007 Explorer, 2008 Explorer, 2009 Explorer,


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