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Recent Honda CR-V conversation: (as of September 16, 2014, 4:24 am)

J_Froga >#tweetyourweakness a girl who drives a Honda ******
samiam025 >It's just too fun whippin the Honda around** #watchout
G0tJuice >Poor Honda got a bent and cracked frame ****** cyadamarrow Henny
totoyo63 >I'm whizzing in my HONDA CR-V to the rhythm of White Winter Hymnal !! - sent from #iCarConnect #iphoneapp http://t.co/ZTJpQLJi
A_Way_WithWords >Been dealin' with these ppl at Honda literally ALL day.. ************
MTGBenchmark >WSJ/US Business: Honda CEO Aims to Boost U.S. Exports: Honda CEO Takanobu Ito said his company could greatly inc... http://t.co/rUxS2K8M
britisharrows >RT @LBBOnline: Silver colourist goes to seamus o'kane at the mill for @saatchilondon for Honda @britisharrows
LanieEsc >@courtney_berard Black to black, red to red!! Lol my Honda ALWAYS died when I had it sophomore year!
idMotoGP >RT @TSG_RACING24: Need too get a lorenzo HJC helmet! Love hjc lids #jorgelorenzo #motogp #yamaha #hjc #xlite #honda
Thatkiidcody >@Hann_jobb I have a 93 Honda accord right now lol but it's older I want a new car the new accords are clean
KPA1991 >I am the type of nigga that gets 3 car in less than a year I make shit happen. Honda / Ac http://t.co/YHfqwBbE
nataliaverdina >NOPD seeks Honda Accord (license REG575). Believe it has crucial evidence to murder of Fernando Eyzaguirre. Occurred Sunday at Gen. Degaulle
No_Kutty_Kass >LMFAOOOOOOOO. Damn RT @J_thorow: LMAO RT @Bbillions: Piercing double D titties like putting 20's on a honda
ManualsCarPDF >Shop Manual 2003 Honda Odyssey Car Manual PDF Download Free. Owners, Repair, Service. http://t.co/HXrtCpSY #PDF #Download

2005 Honda CR-V VIN Numbers:

Model: CR-V
Body/Chasis Type:4WD Special Purpose Vehicles, 2WD Sport Utility Vehicles, 4WD Sport Utility Vehicles
Available Trims:Base, EX, EX SE, EX-L, LX, SE
Production Years:1997 CR-V, 1998 CR-V, 1999 CR-V, 2000 CR-V, 2001 CR-V, 2002 CR-V, 2003 CR-V, 2004 CR-V, 2005 CR-V, 2006 CR-V, 2007 CR-V, 2008 CR-V,


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