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Recent Nissan Pathfinder conversation: (as of August 30, 2014, 3:09 am)

seth_leitman >RT @TheAllianceRN: [new post] Diane Kruger electrifies the Champs-Elysées in a #Renault #ZOE http://t.co/envRMnEz #EV
7ContinentsNews >#ElectricalCars #Environment : Technology › Nissan electric motor cuts rare earth use by 40% http://t.co/9GOqMW61
GTP_Famine >@Dave_Nissan @Carpervert @TomNissan As in same idea, different execution, rather than based-on. Built by the Juke-R's RML parents too, IIRC.
jasoncichon >@Turn10Studios love the ford focus or nissan gt-r #forzahorizon #horizoncars
Lashundasy1 >Cheap Coverking Custom... http://t.co/6JyBlzTs #sales
kamasutra143 >Need some 12s in the Nissan sap
IanBell6 >Danny Glover Greetings to the Labour Start Global Solidarity Conference: http://t.co/7zDxVsCv via @youtube #nissan #mississippi
OrrBossier >Nissan’s GT-R will be making a special appearance on National Geographic TV: http://t.co/nDvOaWK3 http://t.co/XoYPeMTg
_ThatB >“@JHills5: Is that her? In the VIP line...use to drive the Nissan lol http://t.co/PdHCmpo1” ** Now she in a Malibu Ayyyyyyyy
Haitian_Beauty >I hate dodge might go on over to the NISSAN PLACE! Lol
OrrGreenville >Nissan’s DeltaWing gets coined “ 2012 Best of What’s New”: http://t.co/2p0Cu9m8 http://t.co/N8kDU2cU
ryanross43 >RT @TAMU: RT if you think #JohnnyFootball should win the #Heisman, favorite if you voted for him today! http://t.co/HMv8lgj7 #12thMan
jeh8084 >RT @TAMU: RT if you think #JohnnyFootball should win the #Heisman, favorite if you voted for him today! http://t.co/HMv8lgj7 #12thMan
HellOooo_Kittty >But it all qravy over her we was qettinn a new nissan anyways ;))

2006 Nissan Pathfinder VIN Numbers:

Model: Pathfinder
Body/Chasis Type:2WD Special Purpose Vehicles, 4WD Special Purpose Vehicles, 2WD Sport Utility Vehicles, 4WD Sport Utility Vehicles
Available Trims:E, LE, LE Platinum, S, SE, SE Off Road, XE
Production Years:1987 Pathfinder, 1988 Pathfinder, 1989 Pathfinder, 1990 Pathfinder, 1991 Pathfinder, 1992 Pathfinder, 1993 Pathfinder, 1994 Pathfinder, 1995 Pathfinder, 1996 Pathfinder, 1997 Pathfinder, 1998 Pathfinder, 1999 Pathfinder, 2000 Pathfinder, 2001 Pathfinder, 2002 Pathfinder, 2003 Pathfinder, 2004 Pathfinder, 2005 Pathfinder, 2006 Pathfinder, 2007 Pathfinder, 2008 Pathfinder,


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