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Recent Pontiac G6 conversation: (as of August 21, 2014, 2:57 pm)

Carvelocity >Used Pontiac G6 2007 ($3500) for sale in AR, Dumas, 71639 - http://t.co/CDmAWwvoaO
jchadd_23 >Bawling.. saw navy mustang,followed by white G6 BT tags behind a red oh yes no hub caps Pontiac..ugh missin u @tjfross @kennylea @trappit_15
ColoradoExpWash >Gov't investigating Honda minivans for sudden airbag deployment, faulty brake lights: http://t.co/tLH55BJtaF
MiissKellzBaby >That Pontiac G6 that just went by.... -.- me want lol.
_CooCalmCam >@Kalina__Kills send me a pick. I want a newer clean lookin one not just any Pontiac G6
JohnnyBillions >RT @_CooCalmCam: I'll sell my truck in a heart beat if I could fine a Pontiac G6 I like
_CooCalmCam >I'll sell my truck in a heart beat if I could fine a Pontiac G6 I like
Marisa_in_Nash >Say hello to my new certified used Pontiac G6. Thanks Tom Bannen Chevrolet! Guess I need to name her. http://t.co/1Aq97ywkKj
thomasguy2010 >@GMcanada is it a problem when I take my 2009 Pontiac G6 to the mechanic & they drive me home & don't ask for directions? #beentheretoooften
drphilDONTEhue >Sporty but obsolete now 8-/ “@Poised_in_Ivy: Pontiac G6 what does that say? @drphilDONTEhue”
Poised_in_Ivy >Pontiac G6 what does that say? @drphilDONTEhue
nicelooknasia >It's either between a 2007 Pontiac G6, 2003 Camry or 2011 Camry that I'll be getting next week. Undecided.
desertcarcare >NHTSA investigating 550k Pontiac G6 models, 320k Honda Odysseys - can we ensure quality before it leaves factory? http://t.co/byjO7wpWmn
LeakyLugnut >NHTSA investigating 550k Pontiac G6 models for break lights malfunction. 320k Honda Odysseys for air bags that deploy unexpectedly. #recall
CarsInYankee >Investigation: Honda Odyssey for sudden airbag deployment Pontiac G6 for faulty brake lights http://t.co/H4mOKtsVMm

2009 Pontiac G6 VIN Numbers:

Body/Chasis Type:2-door Compact Passenger Car, 4-door Compact Passenger Car
Available Trims:1SV Value Leader, 6-Cyl, Base, G6, GT, GTP, GXP, w/1SV
Production Years:2005 G6, 2006 G6, 2007 G6, 2008 G6, 2009 G6,


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