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Body/Chasis Type:2-door Sub-Compact Passenger Car
Available Trims:128i, 128i SULEV, 135i
Production Years:2008 1-Series,

BMW 1-Series VIN Numbers:

  • WBAUP93538VF47674, WBAUP93588VF47895, WBAUP93548VF47764, WBAUP93538VF45665, WBAUP93558VF48101, WBAUP93568VF47670
  • WBAUP93518VF48015, WBAUP93588VF47640, WBAUP93568VF47989, 5UXFE43558L020828, WBAUP93588VF45709, WBAUP93578VF45684
  • WBAUP93538VF47707, WBAUP93588VF47847, WBAUP93558VF45795, WBAUP935X8VF47655, WBAUP93588VF47668, WBAUP93538VF47884
  • WBAUP93598VF47677, WBAUP93518VF48094, WBAUP93588VF47735, WBAUP93588VF45662, WBAUP93558VF47921, WBAUP935X8VF48031

Model# For SaleAverage Price
Used BMW 3-Series13,453$19,673
Used BMW 5-Series7,044$22,157
Used BMW 7-Series3,354$24,691
Used BMW Z41,752$24,029
Used BMW X5-Series1,615$26,770
Used BMW 6-Series1,425$39,944
Used BMW X3-Series1,068$23,335
Used BMW M3170$53,045
Used BMW Z3-Series47$11,203
Used BMW 8-Series44$15,630
Used BMW 1-Series24$23,770
Used BMW Z8-Series14$127,749
Used BMW M613$51,249
Used BMW M510$44,021


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