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Recent BMW M5 conversation: (as of August 31, 2014, 1:13 am)

wavy_havok >Using your baby's first Pendelton to put over the leather seat in the M5 so you don't burn your ass on the leather. #bimmer #bmw #holla
BMWPlaza >VIDEO: A Look Back At The ORIGINAL BMW M5 And One Owner's Story - http://t.co/9TVuT92vX9 http://t.co/ttGcVbwcEf
BMW_M5_DRIVER >Hey! Follow my lil bro, best friend, roommate @MarcosGurley Cool dude!
AutoSpies >VIDEO: A Look Back At The ORIGINAL #BMW #M5 And One Owner's Story http://t.co/5nZUipXXDx @ebaymotors #e28
thescottjacoby >@jaelohr4 tonight I think about cool cars. so I just built a $110,000 m5 on the bmw website lol
crossoverchris >BMW M5, Audi RS7, Porsche Cayman S, Porsche Turbo, Lamborghini Gallardo are just a few of my personal loves.
InfinityList >BMW M5 Is Power & Speed in an Unassuming Frame Video:... http://t.co/xO1nNPn13n
imsergv >“@theonly_Hazer: “@imsergv: I need to hurry up n learn to drive stick, so I can get me a m5 BMW . ******” m3*” those are too feminine
theonly_Hazer >“@imsergv: I need to hurry up n learn to drive stick, so I can get me a m5 BMW . ******” m3*
imsergv >I need to hurry up n learn to drive stick, so I can get me a m5 BMW . ******
bobespnza >I feel like just getting that job and buying either my BMW M5 or MCBZ C350 already.
garytussey >Chrome #BMW #m5 #denver http://t.co/Q9lTYuP5BX
itsmajda11 >“@LorencKachaj: I want a blacked out BMW m5 v10 engine Now” same
LorencKachaj >I want a blacked out BMW m5 v10 engine Now
BMW_M5_DRIVER >Im hungry. Lol

Body/Chasis Type:
Available Trims:
Production Years:1988 M5, 1991 M5, 1992 M5,

BMW M5 VIN Numbers:

  • WBSNB93569C043015, WBSNB93559CX10883, WBSNB93519C043018, WBSNB93519CX10900, WBSNB93569CX10827, WBSDC9302J2791526
  • WBSNB935X9CX10894, WBSNB93549CX10924, WBSNB93519C043004, WBSDC9301J2791551,

Model# For SaleAverage Price
Used BMW 3-Series13,453$19,673
Used BMW 5-Series7,044$22,157
Used BMW 7-Series3,354$24,691
Used BMW Z41,752$24,029
Used BMW X5-Series1,615$26,770
Used BMW 6-Series1,425$39,944
Used BMW X3-Series1,068$23,335
Used BMW M3170$53,045
Used BMW Z3-Series47$11,203
Used BMW 8-Series44$15,630
Used BMW 1-Series24$23,770
Used BMW Z8-Series14$127,749
Used BMW M613$51,249
Used BMW M510$44,021


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