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Recent BMW Z3-Series conversation: (as of August 21, 2014, 10:53 pm)

Body/Chasis Type:Two-seater Passenger Car
Available Trims:2.5i, 2.5L, 2.8L, 3.0i, Base, M 3.2L
Production Years:1999 Z3-Series, 2000 Z3-Series, 2001 Z3-Series, 2002 Z3-Series,

BMW Z3-Series VIN Numbers:

  • 4USCH9344YLG04280, 4USCH9343YLF86578, WBACN33471LM02920, 4USCH9347YLG03995, WBACN534X1LL47245, WBACH9341YLF89966
  • WBACN534X1LJ55145, 4USCN33402LM06306, WBACH9347YLF90278, WBACN33441LM01725, 4USCH933XXLF80136, WBACN53491LL48676
  • 4USCH9332XLG01612, WBACN334X1LK48901, 4USCH9349YLG03318, WBACN534X1LJ55016, WBACN33451LM04004, 4USCH3344YLF42814
  • WBACN53481LJ55645, 4USCH9345YLF87845, 4USCH9331XLF81093, WBACH9347YLM91781, WBACN53461LJ55918, 4USCN53402LJ60353
  • WBACN33421LK49587, WBSCK9332XLC88044, 4USCH9338XLG01100, WBACN33481LM00075, 4USCN53402LJ60742, 4USCH3341YLF41832
  • 4USCK73412LM14012, 4USCH933XXLF79441, 4USCH9339XLF80998, 4USCH933XXLG01860, WBACH9346YLG05529, 4USCN33402LM05883
  • 4USCH9339XLG00411, WBACN33481LK45401, 4USCH9330XLG01074, 4USCH3338XLF40571, WBACN53421LL48647, 4USCN53472LJ60169
  • 4USCH9343YLG05145, WBSCK933XXLC87966, 4USCN33472LK52693, 4USCH9334XLG00185, WBACN534X1LJ56876,

Model# For SaleAverage Price
Used BMW 3-Series13,453$19,673
Used BMW 5-Series7,044$22,157
Used BMW 7-Series3,354$24,691
Used BMW Z41,752$24,029
Used BMW X5-Series1,615$26,770
Used BMW 6-Series1,425$39,944
Used BMW X3-Series1,068$23,335
Used BMW M3170$53,045
Used BMW Z3-Series47$11,203
Used BMW 8-Series44$15,630
Used BMW 1-Series24$23,770
Used BMW Z8-Series14$127,749
Used BMW M613$51,249
Used BMW M510$44,021


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