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petah_ >Cruising in the @Chevrolet Express. #awyeah (it's a 15 passenger van)

Model:Express Commercial Cutaway
Body/Chasis Type:Commercial Vehicles
Available Trims:9E8, 9E9 SRW, Base, C4M SRW, C6Y, C6Y SRW, C7A, C7A DRW, C7F, C7I, C7L, C7L DRW, C7N, C7N DRW, C8V, E23
Production Years:1999 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2000 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2001 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2002 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2003 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2004 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2005 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2006 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2007 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2008 Express Commercial Cutaway, 2009 Express Commercial Cutaway,

Chevrolet Express Commercial Cutaway VIN Numbers:

  • 1GBJG31U371139700, 1GBHG31U071250929, 1GBJG31KX91128954, 1GBJG31K491150593, 1GBHG31R621232858, 1GBHG31C581175170
  • 1GBHG31VX71231314, 1GBJG31U151118504, 1GBJG31U271235608, 1GBKG31U571206429, 1GBJG31K991149875, 1GBJG31U741213776
  • 1GBHG31U561118036, 1GBHG31U361246632, 1GBJG31U931104427, 1GBJG31U951255013, 1GBHG31U661167844, 1GBJG31U341118423
  • 1GBHG31V051144759, 1GBHG31K191129876, 1GBJG31U461204391, 1GBJG31U651237486, 1GBHG31V171181967, 1GBHG31U771118850
  • 1GBJG31U261246414, 1GBHG31R621184942, 1GBHG31U431191703, 1GBHG31U831212679, 1GBJG31U061241857, 1GBJG31U731123848
  • 1GBJG31U871193946, 1GBHG31V871181772, 1GBJG31U771164485, 1GBJG31U741122202, 1GBHG31V971229747, 1GBJG31U661102235
  • 1GBJG31U651265059, 1GBHG31V871229612, 1GBHG31V671180166, 1GBHG31V371158755, 1GBJG31U751112142, 1GBJG31U941143519
  • 1GBJG31U661163309, 1GBJG31U071126239, 1GBHG31U831165945, 1GBHG31VX71198363, 1GBJG31U771217251, 1GBJG31U371165357
  • 1GBJG31UX71217230, 1GBJG31U141222473, 1GBJG31U431234731, 1GBJG312361155294, 1GBHG31C291122931, 1GBHG31U061218819
  • 1GBJG31U951268814, 1GBHG31K881164770, 1GBJG312061164549, 1GBHG31K781216583, 1GBHG31V471180781, 1GBHG31VX71179036
  • 1GBJG31U771150683, 1GBHG31V771181990, 1GBJG31U861172562, 1GBJG312661154429, 1GBJG31U271248701, 1GBJG31UX71204137
  • 1GBHG31U531145023, 1GBHG31V671230371, 1GBHG31C081207989, 1GBJG31U471156540, 1GBHG31U751246132, 1GBJG31K291103059
  • 1GBJG31U241155561, 1GBHG31U261274597, 1GBHG31U951267435, 1GBHG31U161272324, 1GBJG31U141146981, 1GBJG31U071124135
  • 1GBHG31K881161772, 1GBJG312661162269, 1GBJG31UX61269083, 1GBJG312661143639, 1GBHG31U271181225, 1GBJG31UX61210082
  • 1GBJG31U671140856, 1GBJG31U431172425, 1GBJG31U451253721,

Model# For SaleAverage Price
Used Chevrolet Silverado 150025,580$16,145
Used Chevrolet Impala21,533$10,156
Used Chevrolet Tahoe17,546$16,745
Used Chevrolet TrailBlazer15,867$12,780
Used Chevrolet Malibu14,196$9,165
Used Chevrolet Cobalt9,641$9,185
Used Chevrolet Suburban8,443$14,162
Used Chevrolet Equinox7,785$13,081
Used Chevrolet Avalanche7,523$19,058
Used Chevrolet Corvette6,602$26,418
Used Chevrolet Cavalier6,413$2,969
Used Chevrolet Colorado5,795$12,288
Used Chevrolet Blazer5,640$4,074
Used Chevrolet HHR5,452$10,990
Used Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD5,179$22,777
Used Chevrolet Aveo4,141$7,783
Used Chevrolet Monte Carlo3,817$7,737
Used Chevrolet Uplander3,379$10,081
Used Chevrolet S-103,235$5,632
Used Chevrolet Venture3,003$4,086
Used Chevrolet Camaro2,129$6,380
Used Chevrolet Silverado 25002,067$12,944
Used Chevrolet Traverse1,396$23,565
Used Chevrolet Lumina1,386$1,617
Used Chevrolet Tracker969$4,674
Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Classic716$17,484
Used Chevrolet C/K 1500698$4,955
Used Chevrolet Silverado 3500633$17,929
Used Chevrolet Express Cargo Van586$12,266
Used Chevrolet Malibu Maxx543$9,204
Used Chevrolet Prizm461$2,126
Used Chevrolet SSR350$23,632
Used Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD334$34,756
Used Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Classic281$22,686
Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD230$14,573
Used Chevrolet C/K 2500181$5,285
Used Chevrolet Astro Passenger181$5,678
Used Chevrolet Caprice171$2,158
Used Chevrolet Corsica168$833
Used Chevrolet Express Passenger140$16,505
Used Chevrolet S10137$865
Used Chevrolet C/K 3500113$6,791
Used Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Classic101$27,477
Used Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van90$5,837
Used Chevrolet Express Commercial Cutaway87$13,844
Used Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid85$32,233
Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab83$13,928
Used Chevrolet Malibu Classic77$11,764
Used Chevrolet Silverado SS69$18,020
Used Chevrolet Express Van68$7,396
Used Chevrolet Metro63$1,061
Used Chevrolet Beretta62$1,059
Used Chevrolet El Camino62$5,717
Used Chevrolet Impala SS45$12,062
Used Chevrolet Caprice Classic41$6,983
Used Chevrolet Celebrity39$621
Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD Classic37$20,194
Used Chevrolet New Tahoe35$7,855
Used Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Crew Cab34$17,393
Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid27$22,564
Used Chevrolet Chevy Van24$4,138
Used Chevrolet C/K 3500 Crew Cab16$6,491
Used Chevrolet S-10 Blazer14$2,707
Used Chevrolet S10 Blazer14$952
Used Chevrolet Chevy Cargo Van10$3,652
Used Chevrolet C/K15009$7,130
Used Chevrolet Nova8$1,097
Used Chevrolet K Blazer7$5,520
Used Chevrolet Uplander Cargo Van6$5,555
Used Chevrolet C/K 2500 Crew Cab6$9,457
Used Chevrolet Citation5$2,214
Used Chevrolet Astro Cargo4$4,121
Used Chevrolet C/K 1500 Work4$2,124
Used Chevrolet Sport Van3$3,313
Used Chevrolet C/K25003$4,496
Used Chevrolet C/K35003$3,557
Used Chevrolet C 3500 HD3$11,331
Used Chevrolet Express RV Cutaway2$4,498
Used Chevrolet Venture Cargo Van2$2,495
Used Chevrolet Spectrum2$773
Used Chevrolet C/K 1500 LT1$3,995
Used Chevrolet G20 Vans1$0
Used Chevrolet Sprint1$0
Used Chevrolet S/T Pickup1$2,488
Used Chevrolet C/K201$2,995
Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Classic Hybrid1$19,995
Used Chevrolet Chevette1$2,495
Used Chevrolet Lumina APV1$1,299
Used Chevrolet Lumina Passenger Van1$2,900
Used Chevrolet P Commercial Cutaway1$4,990
Used Chevrolet C/K 1500 Sport1$0


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