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Body/Chasis Type:2-door Sub-Compact Passenger Car
Available Trims:ZX2 Deluxe, ZX2 Premium, ZX2 Standard
Production Years:2003 ZX2,

Ford ZX2 VIN Numbers:

  • 3FAFP11353R100707, 3FAFP11383R150856, 3FAFP11373R148564, 3FAFP11373R140996, 3FAFP11333R119174, 3FAFP11363R109271
  • 3FAFP11313R157664, 3FAFP11333R100592, 3FAFP11333R157763, 3FAFP11303R161611, 3FAFP113X3R101917, 3FAFP11363R107729
  • 3FAFP11343R148151, 3FAFP11383R140778, 3FAFP11363R101803, 3FAFP11353R113571, 3FAFP113X3R154617, 3FAFP11303R128589
  • 3FAFP11393R150803, 3FAFP11303R142279, 3FAFP11343R109401, 3FAFP11313R155722, 3FAFP11383R165325, 3FAFP113X3R125442
  • 3FAFP11343R158114, 3FAFP11393R128882, 3FAFP11333R162008, 3FAFP11373R155580, 3FAFP113X3R124078, 3FAFP11363R131402
  • 3FAFP11323R165188, 3FAFP11353R125395, 3FAFP11353R161295, 3FAFP11393R142460, 3FAFP11373R154686, 3FAFP11343R154483
  • 3FAFP11373R103544, 3FAFP11343R102111, 3FAFP11323R116198, 3FAFP11323R167331, 3FAFP11393R113945, 3FAFP11373R154722
  • 3FAFP11313R101854, 3FAFP11343R140910, 3FAFP11363R150502, 3FAFP11313R139567, 3FAFP11383R125469, 3FAFP11333R164924
  • 3FAFP113X3R146727, 3FAFP11343R150479, 3FAFP11373R128752, 3FAFP11333R146519, 3FAFP113X3R164614, 3FAFP11383R141042
  • 3FAFP11383R102208, 3FAFP11393R115968, 3FAFP11343R144312, 3FAFP11373R102152, 3FAFP11353R169705, 3FAFP11373R125673
  • 3FAFP11393R140949, 3FAFP11313R128827, 3FAFP11393R164233, 3FAFP11333R109454, 3FAFP11363R161127, 3FAFP113X3R161986
  • 3FAFP11363R135496, 3FAFP11373R128508, 3FAFP113X3R137946, 3FAFP11393R119096, 3FAFP11383R148329, 3FAFP11313R115818
  • 3FAFP113X3R162118, 3FAFP113X3R150616, 3FAFP11333R103296, 3FAFP11383R171495, 3FAFP11393R109023, 3FAFP11383R109434
  • 3FAFP11343R165175, 3FAFP11393R115940, 3FAFP11343R142382, 3FAFP11363R109528, 3FAFP11393R154737, 3FAFP11303R144274
  • 3FAFP11343R160929,

Model# For SaleAverage Price
Used Ford F-15032,962$16,142
Used Ford Explorer23,357$9,297
Used Ford Mustang18,963$13,271
Used Ford Focus17,008$8,416
Used Ford Taurus16,658$6,391
Used Ford Escape16,353$12,813
Used Ford Expedition15,274$12,676
Used Ford Ranger13,463$8,136
Used Ford Fusion9,770$14,273
Used Ford Edge8,380$21,265
Used Ford Super Duty F-2504,639$20,812
Used Ford Five Hundred2,935$10,332
Used Ford Explorer Sport Trac2,323$15,743
Used Ford Freestyle2,295$10,749
Used Ford Escort2,219$1,898
Used Ford Excursion1,651$13,689
Used Ford Flex1,266$23,475
Used Ford Super Duty F-350 SRW1,255$22,895
Used Ford Crown Victoria1,220$5,712
Used Ford F-2501,134$6,476
Used Ford Thunderbird1,004$19,674
Used Ford Contour784$1,675
Used Ford Super Duty F-350 DRW781$23,635
Used Ford Expedition EL752$26,376
Used Ford Econoline Cargo Van746$9,611
Used Ford Taurus X734$17,898
Used Ford Explorer Sport732$7,303
Used Ford Windstar Wagon691$4,789
Used Ford Econoline Wagon663$13,559
Used Ford Freestar Wagon477$8,236
Used Ford Bronco413$3,500
Used Ford Windstar279$1,374
Used Ford F-150 SuperCrew272$9,741
Used Ford F-150 Heritage270$10,235
Used Ford GT241$33,498
Used Ford Super Duty F-450207$32,016
Used Ford F-350199$6,245
Used Ford F150157$574
Used Ford Club Wagon153$3,117
Used Ford Econoline Commercial Cutaway139$18,372
Used Ford Tempo137$824
Used Ford Probe107$1,686
Used Ford Super Duty F-450 DRW99$19,183
Used Ford Aerostar94$2,214
Used Ford ZX285$3,742
Used Ford Aspire65$1,189
Used Ford F25061$1,166
Used Ford Bronco II37$1,403
Used Ford F-150 Work Series26$7,764
Used Ford F-250 HD24$7,200
Used Ford LTD20$639
Used Ford F-150 Standard18$4,804
Used Ford F35018$1,780
Used Ford Econoline Commercial Chassis13$7,721
Used Ford Aerostar Wagon13$2,834
Used Ford F-350 Crew Cab11$8,427
Used Ford Festiva9$543
Used Ford Freestar Cargo Van9$5,696
Used Ford Windstar Cargo Van7$4,595
Used Ford F1006$438
Used Ford LTD Crown Victoria5$4,886
Used Ford F-250 HD Crew Cab4$9,745
Used Ford E150 Vans3$2,965
Used Ford Superduty3$7,161
Used Ford Mustang Convertible2$4,998
Used Ford F-250 Crew Cab2$9,698
Used Ford F-250 Standard2$5,495
Used Ford Fairmont2$1,573
Used Ford F-Super Duty1$5,999
Used Ford Granada1$5,995
Used Ford Aerostar Cargo Van1$3,871
Used Ford F-150 Special1$4,500


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