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Recent Infiniti G20 conversation: (as of September 2, 2014, 6:58 am)

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Model: G20
Body/Chasis Type:4-door Compact Passenger Car
Available Trims:Base, Luxury, Luxury Sports, Luxury Sports w/Touring, Luxury Sports w/Touring Pkg, Touring
Production Years:1991 G20, 1992 G20, 1993 G20, 1994 G20, 1995 G20, 1996 G20, 1999 G20, 2000 G20, 2001 G20, 2002 G20,

Infiniti G20 VIN Numbers:

  • JNKCP11A31T401305, JNKCP11A12T505518, JNKCP11A81T402515, JNKCP11A4YT307797, JNKCP11A71T404563, JNKCP11AXYT310560
  • JNKCP11A01T404484, JNKCP11AXYT310431, JNKCP11A4XT009877, JNKCP11A3YT306110, JNKCP11AXYT300112, JNKCP11A61T402500
  • JNKCP11A6YT308949, JNKCP11A5YT308408, JNKCP11A31T400655, JNKCP11A42T507635, JNKCP11A6XT003451, JNKCP11A62T512321
  • JNKCP11A8YT302506, JNKCP11A9YT310565, JNKCP11A5YT300728, JNKCP11A7YT350711, JNKCP11A32T504502, JNKCP11A01T405893
  • JNKCP11A5XT020726, JNKCP11A9YT301235, JNKCP11A2YT306793, JNKCP11A32T503933, JNKCP11A8YT307351, JNKCP11A2XT020991
  • JNKCP11A9YT302899, JNKCP11A92T510935, JNKCP11A51T406635, JNKCP11A22T506287, JNKCP11A22T506516, JNKCP11A11T400511

Model# For SaleAverage Price
Used Infiniti G35 Sedan1,630$14,428
Used Infiniti FX35909$22,055
Used Infiniti G37 Coupe816$23,826
Used Infiniti G37 Sedan702$24,221
Used Infiniti M37618$38,396
Used Infiniti M35616$19,406
Used Infiniti G35 Coupe599$13,101
Used Infiniti QX56578$32,938
Used Infiniti EX35348$21,899
Used Infiniti I30190$3,874
Used Infiniti G37 Convertible168$34,040
Used Infiniti QX4147$5,727
Used Infiniti M45142$17,328
Used Infiniti G25 Sedan128$25,362
Used Infiniti I35122$6,066
Used Infiniti M5691$54,662
Used Infiniti Q4582$6,922
Used Infiniti FX4571$14,061
Used Infiniti M35h55$37,215
Used Infiniti FX5046$35,384
Used Infiniti G2036$3,367
Used Infiniti J305$4,735


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